Ad-hoc Capture in Echo360 Classrooms

Greetings, WPI Lecture Capturers!

Have you ever been in a classroom and wanted to start and stop a lecture capture by yourself?

A WPI classroom computer.

This post provides directions on how to do just that!

On the podium PC, locate the desktop shortcut to Echo360 Class Capture.


The Echo360 desktop shortcut.


The desktop shortcut will take you to a URL that allows you to login to the Echo360 classroom recording system. If the shortcut is not available, please contact the Technology for Teaching and Learning Group and we will provide you with the URL.

Once logged in, click Edit Capture Details (upper left).
Here, you can name your capture as well as add a description and tags.
If you want to stream live, you have to publish this video to your course. The live stream will emanate from the Canvas site of the course, from the Echo360 section of the site. Tick the box for LIVE STREAM if this is desired.
It’s also important to note the Capture Duration field. We recommend over-estimating. You can always stop early, but it’s an extra step to add time in 15 minute increments if you find your lecture going longer than you expected.
Once the capture details are entered, click save. This brings you back to the recording interface. Click the big red button to start the recording.
If you need to stop early, click the white square, as shown above.
As always, if you have any questions, please email