Sharing Echo360 videos in a Page

Modules tend to be the focal point of course websites. Putting your content in modules enables students to proceed through your content step by step. If you want to share your course videos in a module, the best way to do so is to insert them in a page. By doing this, you keep the videos in the flow of work. Plus, you can collect viewing analytics on them.

This post describes how to do the following:

Create a page
Embed Echo360 Video
Check Out Analytics

  • Create a page

The first step is to find the module to which you want to add your video and click the plus sign on the top right to add an item to that module. Next, Canvas will ask what kind of item you want to add. Choose page.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll land at Canvas’s rich content editor. There’s a bar of buttons on top and a blank page for adding content below that. You might want to lay out your text first. I did this while testing for this blog post and I felt like it was the least confusing way to go.



  • Embed Echo360 Video

The second step is to embed the video.

Once I had my text, I just moved the cursor into the space where I wanted to insert videos. Here’s where the bar of buttons on top of the page come in handy. You’ll notice a button with a cyan circle and sideways triangle inside – that’s the Echo360 logo.




If you click it, you’ll be presented with your Echo360 library. You can search for and select the video you want.



Then you get to choose among size options and even where you want the player to start.



The result looks like this:


Students are able to leave discussion comments, access the transcript/closed captions, and adjust playback speed – all handy features for a viewer. Plus, they can access the download button, too.

  • Check Out Analytics

You are able to access viewing analytics for the students.

Since you are the instructor, when you click on that page in a module, you’ll have a little analytics icon available to you, as shown by the arrow in the image below.

By clicking on it you’re brought to the analytics section of the video’s “media details” page. The analytics are displayed below the player window. Here, you can see overall stats for the video as well as how many times students have watched and for how long.



Some instructors find it helpful to download the data to take a closer look. The download data button is found below the first set of overview data.



If you have any questions about embedding Echo360 videos into Canvas pages, please email