Goodbye Ensemble, Hello Echo360

Ensemble is a video content management system at WPI. It has been in used since 2012 and will be sunsetted at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

New videos will be accepted into Ensemble until December 16th, 2021. After that point, existing Ensemble videos will be migrated to Echo360.

This post explains how to login to Ensemble and how to navigate the library structure.

There are two ways to reach Ensemble. One is to use the URL below:

         == ==

Choose single sign on to login.


Ensemble icon

Or, you can reach Ensemble video through Canvas.

         == ==

One logged in, you will land at your media library.


Your library is situated in a context that can be found in three drop down menus at the top.

The first drop down is on the left and it’s for institution. This is the highest level of the hierarchy and for WPI there is only one institution – WPI.

The second level of hierarchy is your organization. You might have a library that’s in your departmental organization as well as an organization called WPI members. You can click the drop down to find out.

On the right, you’ll find library names. If you have access to more than one library in an organization, those will be listed here.

To download video, click here for directions.

To delete video, click here for directions.

Additional support for Ensemble can be found here:

        == ==

For more information, please email