Feature Comparison: Echo360 and Studio

Feature Echo360 Logo Studio Logo
Access Via cloud platform (https://echo360.org) or Canvas. Via enrollment in an active Canvas course site, only.
Organization Course section (i.e., folder); user library; collection  Course folder; user library; collection 
Storage Cloud platform Cloud associated with Canvas
Captioning Yes Yes
Quizzes Yes. Question types: multiple choice, ordered list, short answer, numeric activity, image quiz, T/F.  Yes. Question types: multiple choice, multiple answer, T/F 
Sharing Options Page embed, link Page embed, link
Editing Cloud app Cloud app but only just before upload
Video inputs Screen, webcam, both Screen, webcam, both
Analytics Analytics include:
Video level – unique viewers, total views, total watched
User level – user identity, time viewed  
Analytics include:
Video level –
unique viewers, total views, total watched
User level: user identity, percent viewed. 
Custom thumbnail Yes, you can select a frame or upload an image Yes, you can upload an image
Production location WPI classroom; personal computer Personal computer