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Teaching Naked: a Review

Disclaimer: If you found this blog post by Googling, you may or may not be in the right place since the title of this blog post, and the book being reviewed, may seem somewhat… “controversial”…   However, I assure you that the only thing that you might find that is even remotely controversial, but certainly not…Continue Reading Teaching Naked: a Review

Hammering home your (power)Point – Presenting Part II

In my last post, I shared some ideas from EDUCAUSE’s Malcolm Brown on presenting.  I ran out of time and space before I had a chance to finish!  Here are some more of my thoughts on his tips. Idea 15:  Who do you think you’re talking to?!?  Though it is impossible to address your entire…Continue Reading Hammering home your (power)Point – Presenting Part II

Creating Accessible Presentations

WPI has a new Director of Disability Services starting on Monday, May 2nd and in honor of our new colleague, I thought I would do a post on designing accessible presentations. First, let’s introduce and warmly welcome Aaron Ferguson!  Aaron comes to WPI from Springfield College where he served as the First-Year Success Coordinator.   You may…Continue Reading Creating Accessible Presentations