Marshall Brook Watershed

The Marshall Brook Watershed team is working with Acadia National Park to help preserve the watershed. Similar to WPI’s work with the Cromwell Brook Watershed in 2016,  the Marshall Brook Watershed is ecologically important—it hosts fish runs, a large wetland, old forest stands, and important wildlife populations including bat populations that are quickly declining from disease and other threats. WildAcadia_Bass-Hbr_BlagdenThe WPI team will contribute to the preservation effort by initiating an elaborate photographic and sonic documentation of the area.  This documentation will include traditional high resolution photography and sonic archiving in addition to both underwater photography and underwater sound recording. This approach is the beginning of an ongoing ‘repeat photography and repeat sonic archiving’ which will assist in the preservation process by enabling a mechanism for monitoring and assessing the watershed over time. Repeat photography has been established as a useful tool in detecting and documenting vegetation changes. The WPI team is excited about working with Acadia National Park to improve aBass Harbor Marshnd maintain the resilience of the natural and cultural resources in Acadia, and in preserving them for this and future generations.