OPTIONAL: All Friday activities are optional and subject to field setup being complete.  We have every intention and expectation of offering teams on-field practice on Friday night using the filler line.  Teams may drop-off prior to 1600, but area may not be staffed and pit area may not be fully ready (tables/power).  Early arrivals are welcome to help complete field and pit setup!

1600 Drop-off Open
1700 Calibration Open
1730 Practice Open
2100 Practice Ends


0730 Doors Open
0800 Calibration Open
0830 Driver’s Meeting
0900 Opening Ceremonies
0930 Qualification Matches Begin
1215 Lunch Break
1300 Qualification Matches Resume
1900 Qualification Matches End
1900 Team Social/Fun-tivities Begin
2100 Team Social/Fun-tivities End


0730 Doors Open
0800 Calibration Open
0845 Qualification Matches Resume
1015 Qualification Matches End
1030 Alliance Selection
1115 Elimination Matches Begin 
1315 Lunch Break
1600 Finals and Awards Begin
1700 Event Ends