Rules of Engagement

Unless noted below, BC will be played by all appropriate FIRST Rapid React Rules. While we will not hold formal inspections, we expect all robots to comply with all FIRST criteria for construction and configuration. While we realize that some teams may have modified their ‘bots for other post season operations, every attempt should be made to restore the robots to inspection condition for BC. Judges and referees will have the final say on all alleged infractions.

Changes for BC22

Section 6.4.1 Point Values is modified as follows:

  • MODIFIED: CARGO BONUS – 20 25 or more ALLIANCE colored CARGO scored in the HUB.  If at least 5 ALLIANCE colored CARGO are scored in AUTO, called a QUINTET, this threshold drops to 18 23. – 1 Ranking Point
  • ADDED: HANGER (per robot) – BC “Rung” – 6 points in TELEOP to the ALLIANCE with a robot touching their color BONUS CIRCLE
  • ADDED Definition: BONUS CIRCLE – A single 12″ circle centered and attached to the front of the opposing ALLIANCE player station 3 with the bottom of the circle touching the carpet.

H504 is modified as follows:

H504. TELEOP CARGO delivery. During TELEOP, CARGO may only be introduced to the FIELD

  • A. by a HUMAN PLAYER and
  • B. through the GUARD. 

Violation: FOUL per CARGO.

Section 6.1 is modified as follows:

6.1.1 CARGO 22 24 CARGO, 11 red and 11 blue and 2 MYSTERY, are staged for each MATCH as follows:

  • A. Each DRIVE TEAM may pre-load 1 of their CARGO in their ROBOT such that the CARGO is fully supported by their ROBOT. a. Any of the 3 CARGO not pre-loaded in the ALLIANCE’S ROBOTS are staged between the opponent’s ALLIANCE WALL and the adjacent CARGO LINE.
  • B. 1 ALLIANCE colored CARGO is staged in the TERMINAL closest to its ALLIANCE AREA.
  • C. 1 ALLIANCE colored CARGO is centered in front of the TERMINAL closest to its ALLIANCE AREA and placed on a CARGO RING whose center is 1½ in. (~4 cm) from the edge of the ramp.
  • D. 12 14 CARGO, 6 red and 6 blue and 2 MYSTERY, are staged on CARGO RINGS beyond the TARMACS as shown in Figure 6-2 the above graphic. CARGO is placed as shown on a 25 ft. 6 in. (~777 cm) diameter circle centered around the HUB. Please refer to the 2022 ARENA Layout and Marking Diagram for a fully dimensioned drawing of the placement locations. CARGO centers are 40⅜ in. from the outside edges of the TARMACS.  The two MYSTERY CARGO are placed 2 feet behind an alliance-colored CARGO as shown in the above graphic.

ADDED Definition: MYSTERY CARGO: A red CARGO which is half-colored blue such that when it is scored, it is unknown which alliance color it will be counted for.  As this MYSTERY CARGO is an undefined color, it does not count against G404.

Back-up Robots

If more than one robot on an alliance becomes broken beyond repair or cannot be repaired within a reasonable time during the Elimination Matches, Round Robin, or Last Stand on Sunday, an alliance may petition the designated event coordinator to call a back-up for the broken robot.  The event coordinator, head referee, and/or other designated event staff will review the condition of the broken robot and make a determination.

If the event coordinator determines the robots are broken beyond repair, the following will occur:

  • Before or during the Elimination Matches:
    • A third-round selection from another alliance who voluntarily wishes to play will be designated a temporary alliance member. If the alliance advances, the alliance may continue with the volunteer team (if they have already been eliminated) or choose a new 3rd partner from the eliminated teams who initially were chosen in the same round as the highest rank broken robot.
  • During Round Robin: the alliance will randomly choose (i.e. draw a number from a hat) a single new partner from the eliminated teams who were initially chosen in the same round as the highest-rank broken team and have indicated they are available to play.
      • In all cases, the team selected will provide their own drivers, coach, and human player and be considered part of the alliance for any alliance awards.

    Elimination Alliance Selection & Match Flow

    At the conclusion of the Qualification Matches, the top 16 seeded challengers will pick three alliance partners for the Elimination Matches.

    General Playoff Round (Eliminations, Round Robin, Last Stand) Rules:

    • Normal 2022 FRC selection rules will apply for the first two rounds, but the third round will be via a random draw from the remaining challengers.
    • There are no time-outs.
    • All four alliance robots must play at least once during the Elimination and once during the Round Robin.

    If fewer than 64 teams are in attendance, one of the following will take place:

    • If there are fewer teams by a multiple of 4 (60, 56, 52, etc), fewer alliances may be formed. Example: There are only 56 teams in attendance. There will only be 14 alliance captains.
    • If there are fewer teams but not a multiple of 4:
      • ‘Blank’ teams will be placed in the hat and be selected at random by an alliance during the third pick round. Teams who draw a blank will form a 3-team instead of a 4-team alliance.

    The 64-team elimination matches will be structured in the following way:

    • Elimination Matches – Sixteen (16) alliances will play two (2) matches each during the Elimination Matches.
    • Elimination Matches will be structured as follows (If there are fewer than 16alliances, adjustments will be made by the event coordinator):
      • E1: Alliance #1 (A1) vs Alliance #16 (A16)
      • E2: A2 v A15
      • E3: A3 v A14
      • E4: A4 v A13
      • E5: A5 v A12
      • E6: A6 v A11
      • E7: A7 v A10
      • E8: A8 v A9
      • E9: A1 v A15
      • E10: A2 v A16
      • E11: A3 v A13
      • E12: A4 v A14
      • E13: A5 v A11
      • E14: A6 v A12
      • E15: A7 v A9
      • E16: A8 v A10
    • Based on those two matches, the alliances will be sorted by same criteria as the Qualification Ranking (called Advancement Rank).  Advancement Rank Order is sorted by:
      • Ranking Score
      • Average ALLIANCE MATCH points, not including FOULS
      • Average ALLIANCE HANGER points
      • Average ALLIANCE TAXI + AUTO CARGO points
      • Random sorting

    Once sorted, the alliances ranked in the top 6 of Advancement Rank will advance to play a round-robin style tournament to determine the BattleCry@WPI Victors.  In this format, each alliance plays one MATCH against each other alliance.   Yellow cards are reset before the Round Robin begins.  The order of the matches is as follows:

    • Round Robin Alliance 1 (RR1) vs Round Robin Alliance 6 (RR6)
    • RR2 vs RR5
    • RR3 vs RR4
    • RR2 vs RR6
    • RR1 vs RR4
    • RR3 vs RR5
    • RR2 vs RR4
    • RR3 vs RR1
    • RR5 vs RR6
    • RR3 vs RR2
    • RR5 vs RR1
    • RR4 vs RR6
    • RR1 vs RR2
    • RR6 vs RR3
    • RR4 vs RR5

    The two alliances with the highest Championship Score (see section 11.9.4 of the Rapid React rules for Championship Points/Score) at the conclusion of the Round Robin tournament advance to the BC Last Stand.  In the Last Stand, ALLIANCES do not earn points, they earn Win, Loss, or Tie.  The first ALLIANCE to win two (2) matches is declared the BattleCry@WPI 22 Victors!