Biologics Manufacturing Processes: [Webinar 2/3]

Biologics Manufacturing Processes: [Webinar 2/3]

Cells_under_a_microscopeThe world of biomanufacturing comes to you in our FREE webinar series, now available for download.

In this second installment, “An Overview of Biologics Manufacturing Processes and Things to Consider from Development to Commercial Scale,” you will learn:

  • the typical biologics manufacturing process that uses mammalian cells for protein expression
  • the importance of process development and its influence on equipment design and operations
  • the pros and cons of using automation to run some process operations

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This webinar is led by Kevin Lauziere, a biotechnology consultant with over 27 years’ experience in the industry. Over the years he has contributed to the design, start-up and validation of two commercial manufacturing facilities working with both internal and external engineering resources. Learn more about your presenter here.

Learn about Part I of this series.

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