Upstream Processing of Animal Cell Culture Products

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The robust implementation of animal cell culture technology requires optimization of a number of variables. Successful operations need to achieve high productivity with low operating costs and meet the requisite productivity and quality specifications. A clear understanding of all aspects of this culture technology assures that upstream scientists and technicians are capable and confident in their handling of these processes. Training about single-use and stainless equipment expands your bioprocessing/biomanufacturing knowledge.

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There are no academic prerequisites for this program

Key Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this intensive, five-day training, participants will have direct experience and understanding in the following areas:

  • The principles and techniques in culturing animal cells in vitro
  • Cell line characterization and quality assurance of a cell culture laboratory
  • The principles and techniques for establishing a seed culture from a frozen stock to a T-Flask to a bioreactor
  • Strategies for scale up of animal cells in culture for production of biologics
  • Experience with different types of bioreactors:
    • Roller bottles
    • Spinner flasks
    • Microcarrier cell culture
    • Hollow fiber technology
    • Stirred-tank bioreactors – bench to pilot scale
    • Wave bioreactors
  • Applications of animal cell culture techniques in research and industry