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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant

Founded in 1966 by Congress, the National Sea Grant College Program is a network of 32 programs working to promote the conservation and sustainable development of our marine resources through research, education, and outreach. Sea Grant is funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).      Website: http://seagrant.mit.edu/index.php



Judith Pederson

Judith Pederson is the Advisory Leader for MIT Sea Grant and is the Regional Project Coordinator.  Her contact information is jpederso@mit.edu and her phone is 617 252-1741.

Judy Pederson1

Julie Simpson

Julie Simpson is a Coastal Ecologist for MIT Sea Grant.  Her contact information is simpsonj@mit.edu and her phone is 617 253-7079.

Julie Simpson

City of Chelsea, Massachusetts

Chelsea is an inner urban suburb of Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts, with a diverse population of 35,080. Its location bordering Boston, on Boston Harbor and only three miles from Logan International Airport, gives it ideal access by water, rail, land and air. The local economy centers on this access. A charter change in 1995 designed an efficient council-manager form of government, which has focused on improving the quality of service the city provides to its residents and businesses, while establishing financial policies that have significantly improved the city’s financial condition. Increased emphasis on economic development and capital improvement has lead to a remarkable influx of new business and home buyers interested in taking advantage of superior services and unparalleled access.     Website:  http://www.ci.chelsea.ma.us/Public_Documents/index



John DePriest

John DePriest is the Director of Planning and Development of Chelsea, Massachusetts.  His phone number is (617) 466-4180.