Project Information

Background Information:

A Farm Labor Camp is any type of housing arrangement, typically a house, an apartment, a trailer or barracks located in close proximity to the farm, provided for farm laborers as a part of their compensation. These farm labor camps are required to meet certain health, fire and safety standards in accordance with laws set by the Massachusetts Department of Health.

There is generally concern that these farm laborers are not properly informed of the various amenities they are entitled to and also the standards to which theses farm labor camps must be kept at. This leaves them vulnerable as they may not get all the comforts to which they are due.

The goals of this project are to develop recommendations for the Massachusetts Department of Health on how they can improve the state’s farm labor housing policy and to create an informational tool for the farm laborers of Massachusetts about farm labor housing regulations.

General Farm Labor Laws:

Farm Labor Camp Visitation Rights:



  • Identify important Massachusetts and federal farm labor laws and regulations regarding farm labor housing
  • Investigate the current conditions of farm labor camps in Massachusetts and the extent to which the laws are being followed at the farm labor camps
  • Compare information about farm labor camps in various states, including those in New England, to farm labor camps in Massachusetts. The information will include farm labor policies, practices, demographics about laborers, and demographics about crops grown at the farm labor camps.

Partner and Sponsor:

Our sponsor  is the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Expected Results:

This group hopes to get enough data to present the best policies for preserving the farm laborers living standards, as well as some strategies on how possible projects in the future can take the next step in the right direction of improving the farm laborer’s situation