About our Sponsors



Project Sponsor: The New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts

We would like to acknowledge specific NEAq faculty for their guidance and contribution to our project.

Tim Werner, Senior Scientist at NEAq and Director of the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction, for guiding our team in the vision the NEAq has for a right whale video game.

Amy Knowlton, Research Scientist, for providing insight on the right whale video game and expert knowledge on right whales.

Rebekah Stendahl, NEAq School and Community Programs Manager, for providing educational materials on how the NEAq reaches the community in an inspiring, hopeful manner.

North Atlantic Right Whale Exhibit

The NEAq is at the forefront of research on North Atlantic right whales. Below an image of the right whale skeleton they display in their main visitor building. They provide their visitors information on this endangered species, and the threats they face in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Photo Credit: Kady Ferguson, 2014