Final Report, Deliverables and Presentations

Project Materials:

At the completion of our project we submitted an array of final materials to our advisors, sponsors, and future WPI student game developers. To view our final report, deliverables, and presentations, please click on the following links:

Final Project Report

Our final report consists of our project research, objectives, findings, recommendations, and references.

Final report – Link to WPI Library file

Deliverable: Framework to Develop a North Atlantic Right Whale Video Game 

The framework we delivered to our sponsors and future WPI student game developers consists of materials needed to make informed decisions on the potential locations, platforms, audiences, design criteria, and sample narratives for a right whale video game.


Final Project Presentation

We presented our project to the WPI Boston Project Center advisors, students, sponsors, parents along with WPI alumni and faculty. This was a ten minute presentation that outlined our project problem, goal, objectives, findings, recommendations and conclusions.

“Brown Bag” Presentation for the New England Aquarium

We presented our project to NEAq staff members in a “Brown Bag” meeting where anyone who was interested in knowing more about a future right whale video game was welcome to hear about our project, and then provide future design recommendation for the WPI student game developers who will soon begin the video game prototype.

Additional Materials:

Over the course of the term our project went through several expected changes. To view our final materials from our preparatory course to reflect on those changes, please click on the following links:

Final Proposal

Proposal Presentation