About Our Project


The goal of our project was to identify and analyze emerging technologies that have the potential to be used at the New England Aquarium to educate the public on the dangers facing the North Atlantic right whale.

Research Objectives

  1. Identify characteristics of exhibits that attract, hold the attention of, and communicate the intended message to visitors
  2. Develop exhibit design criteria based upon identified characteristics
  3. Analyze emerging technologies that could be implemented in a right whale exhibit using the exhibit design criteria.

Results and Deliverables
We developed eight characteristics that we believe are essential for an effective North Atlantic right whale exhibit at the New England Aquarium. These characteristics either fit under the three powers of Attracting Power, Holding Power, and Communicating Power, or under the category of a limitation. By the conclusion of our project, we had identified five technologies that we believe have applications in a right whale exhibit. We developed nine sample exhibits that utilize these technologies in various ways. All of this information is summarized in a Technology Comparison matrix, at the end of our report.