Project Information


The goal of this project was to create policy recommendations for the city of Boston and their Imagine Boston 2030 project plan, the first project plan implemented for Boston in the last 50 years (Share Your Vision, 2015).


  1. Outline and analyze a geographic case study.
  2. Interview experts of water management and flood risk mitigation.
  3. Develop policy recommendations for city planners and officials.


  • The Boston Harbor is at risk of flooding.
  • Policy Recommendations for the City of Boston that consists of voluntary and mandatory actions to be taken by the community, such as:
    1. Develop asset prioritization using risk based analysis
    2. Update building codes to require resilience throughout lifecycle
    3. Incentivize and require investment in resilience
  • We developed a memorandum for the Imagine Boston 2030 Project Plan which included policy recommendations for the city as well as Vulnerability Checklist for a risk assessment.