About Our Team

Downtown Boston Parking Freeze Group

Storie Nivers, Ian Smith, Nata Vacheishvili, Xinyuan Zhang

Team alias: bos16parking@wpi.edu

Storie Nivers Storie Nivers is a Mechanical Engineering major from Houston, Texas. She enjoys going to museums and baking.
Ian Smith Ian Smith is a Chemical Engineering major from Jacksonville, Florida. His favorite sports are football and baseball and he enjoys spending time with his dog, Maverick.
Nata Vacheishvili Nata Vacheishvili is a Computer Science major from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. She enjoys playing tennis and piano.
 Xinyuan Simon Zhang Xinyuan Zhang is a Electrical and Computer Engineering major from Derry, New Hampshire. He likes jigsaw puzzles and pencil drawings.