About Our Sponsor

NorthEastern Water Innovation Network (NEWIN)


Website: www.newengland-win.org

“The NorthEastern Water Innovation was conceived in Massachusetts in 2011, incorporated in January 2014 and since then has been reaching out to New England and beyond to establish best practices in order to accelerate innovation.  We recognize that bringing water technologies to market is a long process and aim to provide the forum and the path to be most efficient.” – www.newengland-win.org/about-newin/

“NEWIN is the 501(c)(6) non-profit, water industry cluster for New England whose members are committed to helping solve water resource challenges globally. NEWIN’s mission is to make an impact on the global water challenges by helping to broaden and accelerate innovation to market.” – www.newengland-win.org/vision-mission/