About Our Team


About Our Team

Carla Romo


My name is Carla Romo, I am Junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am from Quito, Ecuador. Coming from a developing country where most people do not have access to potable water, I realize how imperative it is to improve, invest, and research on water technologies. Thus, it struck me how Brockton has invested in a desalination facility with the potential to provide potable water to nearby communities and yet, does not use the facility to its fullest advantage. Since desalination is a very promising technology that can address the problem of water scarcity that many communities face, I am interested in exploring the options the City has to take advantage of this facility.

Alex Gaines

Hello! My name is as Alex Gaines. I am currently a senior majoring in Computer Science. I am interested in the Desalination project because as an engineer, I like to find solutions to technical problems. Figuring out what might be done with the plant is what really sparked my interest.

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda headshot

I’m Amanda Rodriguez who’s also a Junior. I am studying Mechanical engineering with the hopes that when I graduate I will be working with a company that  provides the opportunity to help people. When choosing an IQP project I was initially interested in this project because I had previously done research for one of my classes about different forms of water innovations. Desalination was one of those innovations that sparked my fascination with water treatment facilities. I wanted to help NEWIN develop options to provide the city of brockton on how they could use this amazing technology.  

Mike Kane


Hey everyone, I am Mike Kane. I am a junior at WPI, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Back in high school, I helped develop a gravity fed irrigation system for a garden my school was growing. With this system, we were able to save water as opposed to hand watering the crops. When it came time to choose my IQP project, desalination was one of my top choices because it would allow me to explore the different impacts of desalination and the directions this technology can be taken.