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Why choose the Boston Project Center?

Boston is a world-class city, featuring a wealth of cultural, educational, recreational, and tourist opportunities, is an exciting, vital and stimulating environment in which to live and work. Projects in Boston offer students the opportunity to both live in Worcester and participate in meaningful projects for sponsors based in Boston. Most projects address environmental issues, with a focus on sustainability, climate change adaptation, and public health.  The focus on sustainability and climate change represents their growing importance for government agencies and private organizations at all levels.

Some of the advantages of the Boston Project Center include:

-An off-campus experience with fewer additional costs
-No need to leave Worcester to visit a project center
-Excellent project opportunities in environment and sustainability areas
-Ability to work on projects of real importance that impact the Boston area and Massachusetts region
-Opportunities to connect with state and federal government
-A close connection to sponsors early in project (e.g. can travel to Boston and meet the sponsors during the preparation phase)
-Better ties/connections to cultural activities and unique attributes of Boston
-Opportunities to address water-related issues in asssociation wiith the Water Researces Outreach Center (WROC)
Information Session for Students interested in the BPC for A term in 2018 can be found on the Global Portal: