Pro Tip Tuesday: Duplicate an Assignment in Canvas

Filed in Canvas, didyouknow, HowTo by on September 18, 2018

You can duplicate an assignment in your Canvas course! When you create the copy, the word “copy” will be appended to the end of the assignment name.

Feel free to change this when modifying the assignment content by clicking on the assignment name, then clicking Edit.

Duplicated assignments will be Unpublished by default.

  • Assignments currently cannot be duplicated for quizzes.
  • Except for Quizzes.Next assessments, assignments configured as an external tool (LTI) submission type cannot be duplicated.

To duplicate an assignment, click on the options menu to the right of the assignment name (looks like 3 dots). Then, in the drop-down menu, select Duplicate from the list. That’s it! Now you can go in and modify the assignment as needed.


how to duplicate an assignment

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