How to migrate your Blackboard (myWPI) content

1. Open your Canvas site and click on Settings on the side navigation bar.

2. Then select Import Content into this Course on the right side of the screen.

3. Using the Content Type drop down select Blackboard 6/7/8/9 file.

4. Use Browse to select and attach your .zip file.

5. If you want to import all content, click in the radio button for All content next to Content. If you wish to selectively migrate content, click in the radio button for Select specific content next to Content. You will be given the opportunity later to select specific course content.

7. Then select Import.

8. While the .zip file is uploading it will display as Running with a display bar indicating its progress. Depending on the size of your .zip file this process may take awhile. You may leave this page while the import process runs.

9. If you selected All content earlier, the display bar will turn green and read Completed when finished. If you opted to Select Migration Content earlier, follow the rest of the instructions.

10.  If you opted to Select Migration Content earlier, the display bar will instead read Waiting for select when the .zip has unpacked.

11. Click on Select Content. Then you will be given a Select Content menu where you can check off which items to import.

12. When finished click Select Content. The display bar will show the progress of the content. When the content has uploaded to Canvas it will read Completed.


About Importing from Blackboard

Please note that you can only import content from Blackboard once. Subsequent imports will overwrite and erase any content that was previously imported into your Canvas site.

Where does my content go?

  • Assignments go to Assignments
  • Quizzes/Tests/Surveys go to Quizzes
  • File uploads/documents go to Files
  • Course Materials (folders with files in them) go to Modules (with the file structure mostly in tact – if anything is missing, check Files)

What doesn’t migrate and what should I do?

  • SafeAssign plagiarism detection is not available in Canvas. We are now using VeriCite for plagiarism detection. All materials in myWPI that were checked through SafeAssign previously have been imported to VeriCite.
  • Blogs, Wikis, Journals – there are workarounds for these tools. Contact and we can help create a custom solution to your needs!
  • Discussion board posts – only the original post from instructor is imported over

Help from ATC

The ATC is here to help you move your content, you don’t have to go it alone! Contact us at with any questions or concerns.