Project Resources

Project Resources

Our Project Proposal

We researched many different options that could be implemented in Monwabisi Park before we traveled to South Africa to learn more about the current situation.  This document contains background information on heating and cooking issues in Cape Town and the informal settlements.  It also summarizes technology used for cooking (such as rocket stoves, hot boxes, and sunstoves) and heating (such as far infrared heaters and insulation).  Click here to view.

2008 Energy Services Report

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has new project teams for each theme every year.  There was a team last year who researched energy usage in the settlement, and we found their work to be very useful.  Their report can be found here.

City of Cape Town’s State of Energy Report

We found that Cape Town’s own State of Energy Report to be very helpful.  It provides an energy profile for Cape Town and an overview of the policy context with respect to the supply and demand of energy.  The most recent report for us was the 2007 edition, which can be found here, but we encourage those interested to find the most up-to-date report for them.

Photo Gallery

Siya, our co-researcher, took pictures throughout the settlement while we interviewed residents.  All of these pictures can be viewed here.