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Gardens Team 2009

group pictureOur team with Xolani

AlexAlex Madden

Biomedical Engineering 2011

I chose to complete my IQP at the Cape Town project center because the work here seemed more interesting than other sites, and its in Africa.



JasmineJasmine Pitts

Management Engineering 2011

I am a junior majoring in Management Engineering. I work part time at the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester and in my spare time I enjoy playing basketball and listening to music. I chose the Cape Town project site because I wanted to help people and at the same time learn new things and experience different cultures.


Gina Anne RoffoGina Roffo

BME Management Engineering, HUA Music 2011

I am currently a junior and I love to sing as a part of the WPI ACapella group ‘Technichords’. I chose to be a part of the Cape Town project center for the experience of working in a group and getting to travel to an exciting new place!


bridgetBridget Stevens

Aerospace Engineering 2011

I picked this project because it gave me an opportunity to really help people. We were challenged to think outside the box in order to find a solution for agricultural sustainability. I enjoyed working with the members of the community and it was satisfying to leave a tangible product behind when we left.


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