In this section, we profile faith-based organizations and youth groups. At least fifteen faith-based organizations operate in Monwabisi Park, including formal churches and religious groups that hold gatherings in peoples’ homes. All churches provide spiritual support and counseling to their members, with some churches focusing on women or young people. Churches also offer shelter, clothes, food, and care for the sick or homeless. There are a variety of youth groups in Monwabisi Park, which are often led by adults in the community. Children attend them because they’re fun; youth groups give children a chance to perform, to socialize in a safe place, and to learn songs and dance from the Eastern Cape.  Youth groups meet during after school hours and typically include children as young as 13. One of the most common activities of youth groups is traditional Xhosa singing and dancing. Depending on the goals of each individual group, completing homework and practicing healthy lifestyles may also guide the main activities of the group.

Youth Groups and Churches of Monwabisi Park