The Process – Step 1

Choosing an area

The first step of building a channel is to choose an area. This should be done taking a few important factors into consideration: the current existence of a grey water stream, support from the community, and if the grey water is directly affecting the community. If a grey water stream already exists in the area, then it is easier to simply expand on the existing path and subsequently turn that into a channel. Otherwise there is the possibility that the grey water will not flow into the channel and will instead follow the path of least resistance (which may or may not be the channel). A strong sense of community support is also key, as was discovered when the first grey water channel was built. The community must be on board with the plan and should help to implement it. This will help build a sense of ownership for the channel and will give the community members that live nearby a reason to maintain and fix the channel as needed. Moreover, other steps in the process require community assistance: namely the community upgrade finance facility and actually building the channel (for the manpower). Finally, if the grey water is directly affecting the community by either running through a house or if it smells then this factor should be taken into consideration and that area given priority.