Village Day

Every October, Garden Village celebrates their history, heritage and community by holding a weekend long event. A typically annual event was held this past 29th October, 2011  for the first time in three years, after a hiatus taken because of a lack of community initiative and funding.

Ride the Rides!

The events were held on the community soccer field which was enclosed by a 10 foot fence and guarded by security personnel to ensure safety. After paying a small fee to enter ‘Village Day’, one was given the option to buy crafts, food, beverages and more. Also available were amusement park rides for the children’s entertainment; the deposit for the amusement park rides was paid by a community member because he had complete trust in earning his money back through the day’s events. There was also the opportunity to support local community programs through participation in raffles or donations.

Organising these festivities took a great deal of work, and because of this two leaders emerged. Charlene and Alistair, both members of the stakeholders association, reported putting much time and effort into planning a successful Village Day. They arranged for multiple DJ’s to play throughout the entire day, a stage to be constructed, and a talent show to be organised.

The success that this 89th annual village day had could not have been foreseen by the committee that organised the day and its events. With such success, the community raised a lot of money, the majority of which they decided to use to restore the roofs of the houses in the village. The community has already begun to plan, organise and fundraise for next October’s Village Day with hopes of having a week-long celebration to commemorate Garden Village’s 90th anniversary; this is a testament to the excitement and drive of the residents.


Michael Jackson Performer


Drum Majorettes Routine

Passionate Singers



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