Spacing Out ReBlocking



When it comes to designing the layout of the reblocked shacks many things need to be considered. One of these factors is how far apart each shack is spaced from each other.  This topic arose during our Tuesday partnership meeting.

Cast of Characters

WPI team, the Langrug working group, Johru Robyn from the municipality of Stellenbosch, and CORC.


Wendy house


Coming up with a new design for the reblocked layout required getting input from all partners.  This process began with working with the working group where we learned that all of the doors in different clusters should be looking at each other to increase security. The second piece of input that we got was from the Municipality which is where we learned that for fire safety it is important to keep at least one metre between all shacks. The last piece of input we got was from CORC where we learned that by having the shacks touching each other, rather than being one metre apart, the design would be safer because there is no longer a place for people to hide within the clusters.  This design also allows for more community space because it is not wasted between the shacks.  During the meeting Johru quickly dismissed it as a fire hazard; his reasoning was that if all the shacks are touching than if one burns down they will all burn down. After the safety reasons behind having the shacks touching was explained to him he started to reconsider the matter.  Johru then started to write on the layout stating the different factors that would need to be met in order for the design to be approved. These recommendations will now be taken into consideration for a new design.

Reflection and Learning

From this meeting we saw good progress in each side being able to compromise with each other.  After the advantages of having the shacks touching were described to Johru he stated that a design that had only a few shacks touching in a cluster may be able to be approved.  His reasoning was that only a few shacks burning down would be better than all twenty one shacks being burnt down at once.  While this was not completely what the community was looking to hear it is good progress that can be worked with the design a layout that all partners are happy with.