Scene 6: Meeting With Naiela


In looking to progress our proposal/business plan we set up a meeting with Naiela, the leader of the Green Light Project Awareness Project. In observing the GLP activities she seemed to be the leader doing the most with her project.

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Naiela, Ronell, Sheila


Questions to ask Naiela:

  1. Can you give us a weekly schedule/monthly schedule of the programmes you run?
  2. Can you describe some of these programmes?
  3. How do you evaluate the success of these programmes?
  4. How many people come to these programmes?
  5. How are you looking to move the awareness project forward?
  6. How would your programmes be incorporated into the Help Centre?

Action and Observations:

We met Naiela in the Methodist Church in the early afternoon. She was very happy to answer our questions. We learned that Naiela works with the city to schedule her programmes in the Community Centre. She didn’t seem to have any problem getting access to the centre for the programmes. We learned that she doesn’t have a weekly schedule but runs a programme when the city approaches her. She also puts on programmes of her own such as helping to certify the GLP members in first aid and teaching AIDs awareness at the pool in Oude Molen.

Through our talks we learned that Naiela was looking to start a new programme that trained people on how to make CVs and use the basics of a computer. We told her of our plans to get a computer for the Green Light Project and she said that would be very helpful for the GLP. She said she was hoping to start the CV programme in January. The computer would help her to get the programme up and running.

Reflection and Learning:

Naiela is a wonderful woman. She has a lot of ideas and a lot of passion. She has worked hard to get to where she is today and wants to show others that they can be successful like her. We feel that she would be the ideal person to watch over the computer and make sure it gets put to good use. As Eby’s Aunt, the two will be able to easily communicate and make sure the computer is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. We feel that these programmes can serve as examples of how the GLP may run future programmes.




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