The Sponsors


The City of Cape Town:

One sponsor of our project is the Office of Sustainable Livelihoods in the City of Cape Town Department of Environmental Resource and Heritage Management.  They are responsible for monitoring the city’s environmental and heritage projects, such as supporting the greening of the urban landscapes. The city of Cape Town has given Touching the Earth Lightly funding to execute the showcase rooftop garden on 44 Wale St.

Touching the Earth Lightly:

Stephen Lamb

“Touching the Earth Lightly” is a private, non-profit organization. The mission of this organization is to establish a respectful relationship between humans and the earth, with a focus on sustainability.  Specifically for rooftops, their goal is to support the poor through the creation of the gardens and the production of organic produce.  Our sponsor has already built one rooftop garden located at 44 Wales St in the Central Business District of Cape Town.

They seek funding from outside sources and work with the organizations that provide monetary support for their projects.  Touching the Earth Lightly is able to provide us with knowledgeable personnel and valuable information.  We will be working closely with Stephen Lamb, who founded Touching the Earth Lightly in 2007 and also built the current rooftop garden.