Meet our City Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Our project is sponsored by the informal settlements department of the city of Cape Town. They are a branch of the human settlement directorate of the city, whose focus is on the over two hundred informal settlements within the city. The focuses include health and safety, settlement improvement plans, and settlement re-blocking facilitation.

Levona Powell is one of our two liaisons. She works out of the Ottery field office, where she is a field manager – overseeing the multitude of informal settlements in her jurisdiction.

Johan Gerber is our second liaison. He is based out of the Civic Center, where he heads the engineering services branch of the informal settlements department. Being based out of the Civic Center, he has direct contact with many other city departments including the parks department and the geographic information systems department.

During our project, three field officers traveled with us, worked alongside us, and offered us guidance throughout the entire process.

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The Sub-Council         

The legislative branch of the government of Cape Town consist of 111 ward councils and 24 sub-councils. Each ward council is headed by a ward councilor, whereas each sub-council is headed by a committee led by a manager and a chairperson. Each ward council belongs to a sub-council geographically.

Flamingo Crescent belongs to sub-council 17, managed by Edgar Carolissen and chaired by George March. It also belongs to ward 60, represented by Cllr. Anthea Green. Sub-councils have the capacity to distribute funding for community projects, which we are planning to request to support a crèche or community resource center in the area.