Flamingo’s Current State

The populations of informal settlements are very dynamic as people come and go frequently in search of work. In its short history, Flamingo Crescent has seen upwards of 800 people down to nearly 200 people. While no exact figure can be given, there are roughly 215 individuals in the settlement (based on 2010 and 2012 reports).

Just as with the population size, the number of structures in settlements varies greatly with time. While the past few years have been stable in Flamingo in terms of population, the number of structures has varied from 90 to 105, the current number being around 99.

In terms of services, there are two taps and about two dozen toilets. There is no electricity in the settlement, so people use batteries for power and candles for lighting. Due to the high use of candles there is an extreme risk of fire. The risk of fire is complemented by the lack of drainage in the area, where flooding is all too common. This lack of drainage and the close quarters of those living in the settlement have created high rates of disease and infection in the community.