Early Childhood Development Connection

Answering the Call for Education!


Our team has worked to create a foundation and network of Early Childhood Development (ECD)  knowledge and partners to be used by the Cape Town Project Centre. To achieve this goal, we worked with a wide variety of communities and ECD organizations to gain a well-rounded knowledge of early childhood development in South Africa, as well as to make contributions along the way. During our time in Cape Town, working relationships were developed with Kiddies College Preschool, the informal settlement of Langrug, and the Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD). Through our connections with these three groups we were able to improve the following: At Kiddies College, with our partners, we updated their record keeping system. In Langrug, with help from the community, we upgraded various aspects at the WaSH facility and connected local crèches with the facility to further hygiene and health in ECD. By connecting with the CECD we were able to secure a commitment from them to fund the building of a crèche in the informal settlement Flamingo Crescent as well as assist in planning a project with WPI’s CTPC for next year.

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Contact our team at ct13kiddies@wpi.edu with any questions or concerns until May 2015. Afterward, contact ctpc@wpi.edu.