Scene 4: The Pilot Project

November 26, 2013


The Pilot Project was Scott’s idea. In an effort to make the current facility more self-sustaining, caretakers could increase income by selling wash products. The profits could go to the caretakers’ salaries or the electricity bill. Having a caretaker shop could also be convenient for the community members who use the facility.


Cast of Characters:

WaSH team and Victoria



Pick n Pay, a South African supermarket chain store



It is the end of our work day in Langrug and we take a trip to Pick n Pay to pick items to sell and test our caretaker product sales. We take Victoria to the aisle that holds bathroom and washing products. We ask Victoria what she thinks would be the best item to sell first. Mackenzie points to the female  sanitary products because mostly women use the facility. Victoria says female sanitary products should not be part of the pilot  project because women have different preferences. Victoria also suggests we go to Metro Park, a wholesale store.

We continue to walk down the aisle and point at diapers. We decide it is our best option.   We grab two packs, a sales book, and a money box. We pay for the materials. When we get to Langrug, we explain to Victoria how use the sales book and money box. She says she understands and smiles.


Reflection and Learning:

In an effort to expand the use of the facility, Scott proposed to launch a program to sell health products. The community agreed to the idea. Because mostly mothers use the facility, we decide to see how diapers would sell at the facility. The WaSH team would only help begin the program, so that the community can take over the idea and make it their own.