Reflection and Growth during the IQP Journey

 Project Abstract

This project was intended to develop a useful method for a process of reflection about team
and intrapersonal growth, as well as to investigate personal growth during the challenging
off-campus IQP. Utilizing writing for personal reflection and video for group reflection,
students were given the opportunity to reflect both individually, as well as in groups, to
better understand areas of individual and group growth while completing the off-campus IQP.
Through the aforementioned mediums, a book of reflections and a 30-minute video were produced,
showcasing some of the important growth that students experience while completing their IQP.


Project Outcomes

A number of key outcomes were created during the completion of this project. These outcomes include:

  • A video featuring student reflections (Embedded above)
  • A project paper, which outlines the background for the project, methodology for completion, learning goals, project research, and overall accomplishments.
  • A short book, which is a collection of daily reflections written in a journal format to help understand the day-to-day thoughts of a student on IQP