Mission and Objectives Overview

Mission Statement

This project was intended to develop an integrated business model to maintain the WaSH-UP facility, as well as support the Langrug Community, by providing a sustainable revenue stream for the facility. By collaborating with WPI, CORC, Stellenbosch Municipality and Langrug co-researchers this project aimed to improve the livelihood of the community and expand access to health, education and well-being (HEW) services.

Objectives Overview

In the preliminary weeks of research our team gathered a significant amount of background knowledge. In addition, the team gained a sense of the current state of the community and WaSH facility through sponsor communication. After taking into consideration our background knowledge, sponsor input and lessons learned from previous projects, our team compiled a list of objectives that we hoped to realize throughout our time in Cape Town. The following is an overview of our objectives:

Objective 1: Evaluate the current state of the WaSH-UP facility, as well as the current state of the savings group in Langrug

Objective 2: Explore possible business models that can be supported in the WaSH-UP facility by the community

Objective 3: Devise a plan to incorporate the existing community savings group into the business model of the WaSH-UP facility

Objective 4: Identify possible sources of funding to support the business model selected for the WaSH-UP facility

Objective 5: Explore management plans for the WaSH-UP facility and kiosk

Objective 6: Collaborate with community members, sponsors, and project teams to implement the kiosk and WaSH-UP business plan

Objective 7: Create a sustainable model to be used in similar facilities in other informal settlements

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