In this section, we describe the plans we made both before and during the process of executing out project. First we present a visual representation of the goals for the project, including the two main steps: empowering women through technology, and ensuring the knowledge can be practiced and spread to others. Both of these steps aim to increase the local community’s access to technological resources. These methods also promoted a collaborative environment with the WPI team, co-researcher, and liaisons.

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The project mission and objectives were developed to conceptualize the major elements of the project and plan appropriate methods. Shared Action Learning (SAL) was thoroughly incorporated into the mission and objectives of this project to promotes relationship that help create a sense of investment for sponsors and co-researchers, and provide learning opportunities for students. Finally, the ethical considerations of this project were explored in order to minimize risks for project participants.

Mission Statement

This project was intended to empower members of Sizakuyenza’s Women’s Networking Group through increased access to and understanding of technology. This mission was achieved through these four objectives:

  • Objective 1: Foster relationship to better understand the nature of the digital divide in this community.
  • Objective 2: Develop tactics for collaborative, peer based technology learning to develop a pilot learning programme.
  • Objective 3: Collaborate to build an asset map of technology access points.
  • Objective 4: Create a plan to turn the pilot learning programme into the Technology for Women’s Empowerment Programme and set up a technology access point at Sizakuyenza.