Objective 2

Develop tactics for collaborative, peer based technology learning to develop a pilot learning programme


The teaching model developed to create a flow of knowledge from the initial teachers, to the pilot trainees, and eventually to the entire Women’s Networking Group

With the knowledge gained from our interviews, we picked a logical starting point for the learning process. The ladies’ limited comfort and IT skill level led us to begin at the basics of computers, including the use of mouse and opening and closing windows. Our initial sessions focused on topics that co-researchers expressed the most interest in, including:

  • Computer basics and windows
  • Internet: Google, Gmail, Facebook, Job searching
  • Microsoft word and CV writing
  • WhatsApp and other phone applications

Our co-researchers were vital in determining the manner in which these lessons were taught and the activities demonstrated. Sbu, our only co-researcher not in the Women’s Networking Group, demonstrated early on that showing examples of the context of getting jobs made explanations more clear. This became a theme throughout our project as activities were decided upon for the pilot trainees. Allowing the small group that led group sessions, or peer teachers, to take charge on the days with the pilot trainees when they felt comfortable helped to track their progress.

In collaboration with our co-researchers, activities were created to strengthen the Women’s Networking Group’s connections, including:

  • Building and address book: Emailed a team member who compiled names and contact information.
  • Building a Facebook Page: Sent a team member a Facebook friend invite, so they could be added to the group.
  • CV Writing: Handwrote their CVs with the format of their choice and transferred it to Microsoft Word.

A key to encouraging peer-based teaching tactics was creating two main groups of women. Explained by the diagram below, there was a small group of teachers that the WPI team worked closely with that taught a larger group on alternating days.