Part of the Shared Action Learning philosophy is that it is not just the student teams, but many stakeholders who cooperate to accomplish the project objectives. The partnership section will introduce your cast of characters and major players. We use the term “cast of characters” to emphasize the many roles and perspectives that each brings to developing a project. In your Partnership section, be sure to include a “Meet the Team” subpage. This should include a short bio on each WPI team member with their name, major, and other information (such as things you like to do or your favorite part of Cape Town/ your project) as well as a picture. You should also have a description of each your partners and sponsors (community members, city agencies, nonprofit organizations, etc.). Many of these will come from your proposal, but you may have to modify them when you are in Cape Town if your “cast” changes while you are there. For some projects, this can also be a good section to include information about the community where you are working.

For more information and some good examples of a partnership page, check out these project websites: