3 Reasons You Should Pursue Your Master’s Degree

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Should I pursue a master’s degree?

This is a question that I, like many others, have contemplated for weeks, months and even years.  So what is it that makes it the right time to pursue your master’s degree? Here are three key reasons why you should earn a master’s:

  1. Become an Expert in Your Field
  2. Be Better Prepared to Change Careers
  3. Open Up Possibilities for Promotions and Job Opportunities

Let me explain these reasons a bit…

Online-Ollie1. Become an Expert in Your Field

If you love the field you’re in, then graduate school will allow you the opportunity to expand upon your technical abilities and become an expert in the field. You’ll be viewed as the subject matter expert when you start applying the tools and techniques you learned in the classroom to your job—and implementing into your company. The great thing about graduate school is that it’s focused education on a subject you find interesting. You don’t have to worry about those dreaded General Education Requirements.

2. Be Better Prepared to Change Careers

imagesX093ZO6PFor anyone who has felt dissatisfied with their current career choice, a master’s degree provides an opportunity to accelerate your education in a field where you would like to move your career into. For example, a Mechanical Engineer interested in pursuing a career in the field of robotics engineering may need to go back to school to expand upon his/her technical abilities (i.e. gaining the knowledge and skills   in electrical engineering and computer science to become a Robotics Engineer.)  You wouldn’t have to go back for an undergraduate degree in these fields; you could streamline the process, and get a Master’s of Science in Robotics Engineering in order to start your new career.

money-sign3. Open Up Possibilities for Promotions and Job Opportunities

With a technical graduate degree, people on average see a 12% to 19% salary increase. This is just one of the benefits of a graduate degree. You generally see these higher salaries because these positions require a higher skill set. Most people who are passionate about their industry and career, aspire to be able to work in the highest skilled area of their industry.

By earning your master’s you can become an expert in your field, have the ability to change careers and increase your potential earnings. The best reason to pursuing your master’s degree: You tend to feel more fulfilled when you have a career you appreciate, and are in which you are happy.

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