What Is Systems Thinking?

Do you know what systems thinking is? Are you aware that it can benefit Systems Engineers to understand the theory and practice of it?

Dr. Jamie Monat will be discussing this topic with other systems engineering leaders during the INCOSE International Symposium 2015. Here’s a little preview…


Systems thinking is:

1) a perspective that recognizes systems as collections of components that are all interrelated and necessary, and whose interrelationships are at least as important as the components themselves.

2) a language centered on the Iceberg Model, unintended consequences, causal loops, emergence, and system dynamics.

3) a collection of tools comprising archetypes, causal loops with feedback and delays, stock and flow diagrams, main chain infrastructures, system dynamics/computer modeling, and systemic root cause analysis.


Discover more about this topic and how it can be taught to Systems Engineers during the INCOSE Interational Symposium.


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