The Future of Systems Engineering

DirectionOfSE-600x250This truly is a great time to be a systems engineer.

As I look down the road ten years or so, I see an exponential rate of change in our world of technology. As they say, the only constant is change and we’re going to see a lot of it. With the Internet of Things and cyber security, with both new types of attacks and new protections, and evolving technology that impacts every aspect of our lives, it will be hard to keep up as a consumer and even harder to stay on or ahead of the bleeding edge as an engineer or technologist. That’s where systems engineering comes in.

It is my position that systems engineering is the only engineering discipline that can truly change and adapt to the world as it rapidly evolves. History has shown time and again that those who cannot adapt to the changing world will eventually fade away. Systems engineering, with its basis in systems science and systems thinking, can be tailored and adapted to changing conditions in companies and in the technology base.

I also believe that systems engineering can fuel innovation and business growth if properly implemented into a company’s overall product life-cycle systems. To me, the destiny or future direction of systems engineering is to continue to enable companies to quickly adapt to changing conditions, and to enable more innovation and business growth which will lead to more change. You could say that the future of systems engineering is to become the engine that maintains this cycle of innovation and technological progress.


You can learn more about this topic from myself and other systems engineering leaders at the INCOSE International Symposium 2015 during the Panel Session: The Direction of Systems Engineering.


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  1. SCOE says:

    it is the post of 2015 but I am reading it on sept 2020, I really appreciate you because its really the era of systems engineer
    thnks for such great post
    Saraswati College Of Engineering

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