Systems Engineering: The Path to Innovation

Having over 39 years of experience in systems engineering, I have seen the need for it grow tremendously. The one theme that continues to grow alongside systems engineering is innovation.

During INCOSE International Symposium 2015, I will be on a panel with other systems engineering leaders to discuss this topic. Here’s a little preview of what will be uncovered during the panel session
Reasons why systems engineering is the path to innovation:

“The effective integration of systems engineering and program management best practices can lead to better solutions which in turn fuels innovation. The thoughtful and deliberate application of systems engineering and systems thinking methods and techniques can enable more effective solutions for products, processes, services, technologies, and ideas.”
Dr. Don Gelosh, WPI 

parsons“SE principles and practices stimulate innovation and growth. User analysis can adjust the old way of looking at the problem. A reframed problem opens a new potential solution set, which inherently stimulates innovation.”
Jennifer Russell, Parsons Brinckerhoff

reliabilityfirst“Systems engineering is a proven methodology for performing organizational change using applied science. Experienced Systems Engineers understand that whenever discipline is applied to processes in an organization, considerable learning and change happen simultaneously. [SE helps streamline this.]”
Carl Dister, ReliabilityFirst

Roche“Engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals, project managers, line managers, and healthcare administrators all would benefit from understanding the value of systems engineering, when it’s needed, what they can do, and who to engage for help. What’s far more digestible is systems thinking. Most people can appreciate that many things interact in good and bad ways with other things … sometimes not in obvious ways. Simple systems methodologies such as functional decomposition, interaction diagrams and use cases can help discover those relationships.”
Mike Celentano, Roche Diagnostics Care

Vitech“Systems engineering leadership skills and creativity are necessary to turn innovation into business growth. Companies can be successful and grow their business when their leadership develops a systems engineering based environment and culture that fosters creativity and innovation across the board.”
David Long, 2014/2015 President of INCOSE, Vitech Corporation

What are your thoughts about systems engineering leading the path to innovation? Share them below, or better yet, share them during the INCOSE International Symposium.

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