What Systems Engineering Knowledge Do Engineers Need? [Infographic]

Whether you’re an aerospace engineer, fire protection engineer or mechanical engineer, you still need systems engineering knowledge. Systems engineering is the holistic way of thinking, so you can be more productive, decrease the amount of risks, and streamline processes.

There are key areas that engineers need to know:

  • Systems science and fundamentals
  • Systems thinking
  • Design analysis
  • Technical & project management

View the infographic below to discover more about these vital areas within systems engineering.Infographic_ST-SE
What are your thoughts on these areas? Do you think some areas deserve more focus than others? Comment below…

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  1. Alex Maddyson says:

    As an engineer, I can say that any engineer needs to know how certain design systems work. For example, I worked with https://engre.co/ engineers and we made orders for both mechanical orders and aerospace engineering, so I can say with confidence which engineer I did not work with, everyone needs to know design systems. This helps to systematize the knowledge of the student of engineering, develop better the ability to analyze, think, this is the basis for both an architect-engineer and before an engineer of space projects.

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