How to be a Successful Graduate Student

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Going back to school as an adult means juggling a lot of new responsibilities you didn’t have at 18. Here are a few ways to get back in the swing of things and finish strong.

Ask for help. 

If you are struggling, utilize all of the resources of your univeristy. WPI gives you many resources:

  • Access to your professors
  • Student Success Managers who can assist you through one-on-one support
  • WPI Helpdesk for your IT and technical needs
  • Library (both in person and online) to assist with your research, project and capstone

Give yourself permission to say “no.”

Don’t overbook yourself so that you are too tired and stressed for school work. Sometimes it is best to say no in order to focus on your studies. By focusing now, you will then have more free time, faster.

Don’t procrastinate.

Start your school work early in the week to allow for unexpected demands on your time. Creating a schedule can assist with staying on track.

Take care of yourself. 

This one is basic, but often forgotten when we get busy. Ensure you get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, exercise daily, and eat a nutritious diet. Earning your graduate degree is meant to make your life better by providing more opportunities for you, so you need to take care of yourself.

Stay positive. 

Graduate school is demanding, and it’s easy to get stressed. Remember, you are doing this for a better future.

Stay balanced.

Make time for family, friends, and fun. Make sure to complete your school work first though! Just because you are back in school, doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on everything else. Make sure there is a balance between work, personal, and academic schedules, so you enjoy each day.

What other tips would you provide to someone earning their graduate degree? Comment below…

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