Benefits of Being a Fire Protection Engineer [Infographic]

WPI offers education in fire protection engineering, because we know how important the field is. Also, we understand the vast benefits Fire Protection Engineers receive when they are in the field.
View our infographic to see:
  • Places where WPI’s FPE students are
  • Salary benefits
  • Top three responsibilities of a Fire Protection Engineer
  • An overview of the basic benefits they receive



What has been your experience as a Fire Protection Engineer? Or, are you interested in becoming one, and why? Comment below…


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  1. Ricaurte Villamarin Guzman says:

    Estoy interesado en convertirme en un ingeniero de protección contra incendios.

    Vivo en Bogota Colombia y tengo 42 años.

  2. kegorton says:

    Hola! Please email Tim Goodale, our online FPE program manager: (Hablamos inglés.)

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