My Top 5 Moments from the 2016 NFPA Conference

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The 2016 NFPA Conference was HOT this year…and not because it took place in Las Vegas in June!

It was hard to choose my favorite moments, but I’ve narrowed it down to my Top 5:

  1. The best of the best, all in one room. There were over 300 organizations in the fire-protection industry represented! It was a well-organized conference bursting with great minds and ideas, making it an ideal place to meet new people and build relationships.
  2. Cutting-edge, life-saving information. With so many experts in one place, it was easy to learn about the latest improvements and regulations in fire protection, like sprinkler systems and other important equipment that keeps your home and business safe.
  3. Riveting presentations. My favorite was a paper presentation: “Forensic Fire Scene Analysis Using Computation Fluid Dynamics.” The paper was written by Francisco Kang, a current WPI student! A truly proud moment as a member of the WPI community.
  4. Lots of friendly & familiar faces. I had the chance to meet and see lots of brilliant fire-protection engineers, many of whom were WPI alumni. They made a point of visiting me at the WPI booth and helping promote our FPE programs. Thanks, everyone!
  5. Speaking of alumni…our biggest showing yet! 78 WPI alumni attended our event at the conference (sponsored by Tyco and Jensen Hughes). It was wonderful to see our graduates doing such rewarding and exciting work with their degrees.monka_sparky

This conference was truly inspiring. Thanks to everyone who visited the WPI booth and made the conference such a success. Don’t miss out on the exciting world of fire protection; learn more about Fire Protection Engineering and see you next year!

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