A look back: WPI’s 2012 Energy Symposium

In anticipation of our sixth annual Energy Symposium happening this fall, we are looking back at the history of this event here on the blog, from inception to present day. 2011 was the first year that WPI brought power-industry experts together to discuss present and future opportunities and challenges in energy delivery. By 2012, the event had become a valuable sounding board for the industry, thanks to important discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Wind turbines farm

The purpose of that second symposium was to open a dialogue about the future of the power industry. Professionals from a variety of fields—utilities, manufacturing, contracting, and education—came together to discuss the industry’s demographics, developments and challenges that lie ahead, and educational needs for future power professionals.

The morning was packed with important discussions, from cyber security to smart-grid implementation. Another central theme was the need to attract and retain well-qualified, well-educated people to staff every level of the power industry. Representatives from WPI shared ways in which they are preparing their students for the future of energy delivery, and students had the chance to network with professionals from the world of power.

Click here to see 2012’s full schedule of events and more.

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