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April 16, 2013. San Jose, California. In the middle of the night, power lines are cut and transformers are riddled with bullet holes, totaling over $15 million in damages.

December 23, 2015. Ukraine. Hackers infiltrate the nation’s grid, causing widespread outages to over 200,000 people.

How did these attacks happen? How can they be prevented?  

Securing the Grid – Today and Tomorrow is the latest white paper from WPI’s Mike Ahern, a longtime power-industry expert. In his paper, Ahern outlines what we’ve learned from recent attacks on the grid and the potential threats that lie ahead. Best of all, Ahern offers preventive strategies to protect vital industry equipment and data from devastating security breaches.

As technology evolves and advances, the power industry faces a serious security challenge. Download Securing the Grid and keep your business, employees, and personal information safe.

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Ready to protect the grid?

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