The Power Grid of the Future

Technology increases in complexity every day. As the human population expands, demand on resources is growing rapidly. The level of cyber attacks on all manner of technology is more sophisticated than ever.

The power grid is not immune to these developments. In fact, the stability of our grid depends on the ability of the power industry to keep up with new challenges and demands in an ever-changing world.

Smart. Renewable. ResilientThis is what the future grid needs to be…but how do we get there from here?

These aren’t questions that can be answered overnight, but Worcester Polytechnic Institute is at the forefront of the investigation, with the return of their annual Energy Symposium. Last year’s symposium was all about grid security; this year expands on the idea of the grid’s future needs to include demands for renewable energy and technology that is integrated into our daily lives.

Great minds will converge in Worcester on Thursday, September 27, to discuss the future infrastructure of energy delivery. The program will include generative breakout sessions and a keynote from Chris Root, Chief Operating Officer of Vermont Electric Power, Inc. (VELCO). If you are a member of the power industry, you won’t want to miss the conversations happening that day.

Click here to learn more about this year’s symposium and download content from years prior.

We’ll share more information about this event and the grid of the future as the event approaches. Stay tuned!


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